Find out how we can assure the opening of your company with a price and time limit.
With total quality guarantee.

Open and invest according to what you expect

Plan with total security. With our panel of experts and our methodology, you will have absolute control for you to open your business the day you had scheduled, accomplishing all agreed delivery times and expected costs.

Complies with the regulations

Do not risk anything down the road. We execute everything your business will need when it opens up so that it generates benefits from the first moment.

Focus on what actually matters

Invest your time in strategic aspects that will help your business grow and not worry about technical, logistic, and administrative management.

We provide a strategic plan which takes into account the most relevant aspects to assure a successful opening of your business.

Unlike the widespread incorrect belief, opening a business is not an administrative act, since it requires important technical and strategic actions to reach the “Activity License”. As an expert technical team, we have created a working method that allows us to plan and execute effectively in the opening of companies in Spain.

Guarantee of delivery of the result:

You will absolutely have everything that you need until your business is open.


The opening of your business meets 100% with the needed normative.


You will have total confidence in every step that is taking place in your business, as you go hand in hand with experts in these kinds of projects.


You will control the timelines to open your business in the expected time and the expected costs.

Unconcern and tranquility

You will not have to worry about investing time in the bureaucracy of administration, as we will do it for you.

The only integral engineering Studio gives strategic value to the opening of your business

25 years opening successful businesses in Spain

Moret than 350 projects have been opened in the planned day, and with the expected inversion

I did not know where to start, I had references from friends who had worked with your engineering firm and were satisfied, this was decisive to working with you. It has allowed us to take care of specific activities of our business and you have managed the opening to perfection. Fully satisfied, we are working at full speed with all legal issues resolved.

Enric SitgesMaquinaria Sitges, S.L.

When I first contacted Tecno Consultor, it was through a friend, my situation was very delicate. The bar restaurant license had expired because we had not renewed it on time and they required us to do a new project. Thanks to the professionalism of the manager of this company, Mr. Sergi Bolea managed to minimize all the requirements and get them to grant us the license with the minimum of reforms and expenses. The second occasion was to do a restaurant bar project in a place that did not have a smoke outlet. The end result was that we were granted a license by installing an oven that had a built-in hood and did not need a flue outlet. From my experience I recommend this company especially for projects that have difficulties.

Gabriel JiménezRestaurant El Foc

The situation in which we found ourselves was an initial situation of ignorance on the subject, we asked for various estimates and opinions and each professional told us that we should do it in a different way, but none of them had just given us confidence about what we should do and how to process it. everything. It made us make the decision to hire you because a good friend recommended your services to us, put us in contact, we squared, you explained everything in a flat way and within the difficulties we saw it quite easy and viable.

Toni PlazaComercio al por mayor de valorización de componentes de automóvil

Our company was starting a project and the option that another company had presented us did not convince us as it did not suit our needs. The budget was totally exorbitant and the treatment totally impersonal. We asked an outsider for advice and he recommended your company to us. From the first moment, we feel accompanied in the process of proposal and development of the project.

Raquel OmedasDirectora de Don Canino

We have just rented an industrial warehouse in Callús (Bages) and we had to obtain the activity license and therefore put it into regulations. We feel fully supported since ultimately we subcontracted the management, and it was carried out on time. Fully satisfied with the management carried out.

Alex RevoltósALIMATIC

He needed an engineer, since the one who had carried out the initial project had retired. We decided to work with Tecno Consultor, on the advice of the architect F. Maurell. Close relationship, and help to overcome the multitude of problems that had remained pending, since the inauguration. Complete satisfaction after the first intervention, which has been consolidated after subsequent requirements (expansion, air conditioning reform, electrical system update, etc.).

Gine 3Centro ginecológico

We contacted Tecnoconsultor for recommendation. We were unaware of the multitude of procedures that we faced when embarking on our project and we needed professional and efficient help. After several conversations with Mr. Bolea and evaluating the budget he presented us, we decided to start the collaboration with his company.

Sra. Daniela Rivas, DirectoraClínica Dental: ‘Mercat Sants Dental, S.L.’
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