In Spain, opening a business is getting in an uncertain outlook.

It does not exist clear information about the steps to follow and the necessities or demand that the current normative requires for the opening of a business or company. The entrepreneurs come across needs, most of them technical and administrative, that can turn into a black hole and jeopardize the accomplishment of their project.

On some occasions the ignorance of these necessities makes that the strategy of the projects ends up underestimated, trying to reduce the activity licenses into administrative transactions. To approve this license, must exist a strategic, legal, technical, and administrative project that contemplates everything necessary to start a project with a great price.

The technical capability of the engineering of projects is fundamental in the planning, forecast, execution, and validation of each phase that precedes the opening of a business, as long as it is actually integrating and does not add permissions but multiplies the value of the project.

As a technical and expert team, we have created a working method that allows us to plan and execute effectively the opening of your business, providing a tactical plan of the project, that takes into account the most relevant points to make certain the prosperous opening of your business: complying with the regulations, the dates and above all, everything with the expected budget.

Our method PHASE 6 establishes the six phases that open the way to the future of your business.

The process of planning a project


Adequacy or integral reform of the local depending on the necessities of the client


Electrical, air conditioning, gas, etc. A balance between execution costs and optimized use of carried-out installations


Assistance during the inspections and resolution of the possible incidents until obtaining approval by the inspection company

Activity License

Here, besides the environmental information, it is collected all the generated information in the projects of constructions and installations. It is delivered to the town or city hall

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