Who we are

I am Sergi Bolea, an engineer. In my first professional years, I worked as an engineer at Barcelona city hall and in established automation companies, working in technical engineering and leading projects in the shopping departments. My beginnings have been marked by the meticulous responsibility of taking care of the technical and economic parts of any project.

After 15 years working in the automotive sector, living day after day the rigor, exigence, and pressure that the engineering of projects was under, I understood a big challenge that was in the Spanish market: the necessity of Project Engineering Expert Consultancies with a strategical vision. I acknowledged that for these engineering projects I could apply all these experience and rigorous methodology of the fulfillment of agreements and control indicators, adding all the acquired technical experience.

With this intention, I created Tecno Consultor, an integral engineering studio with an intrinsic value in terms of the way we work on the projects of our clients: We commit and work in meticulous planning, accompanying our clients to open with success their businesses. We grew up thanks to our clients’ recommendations in every opening, and we consolidated with our working model, establishing what is nowadays our strategical method PHASE 6.

Since that moment we have completed, executed, and transacted more than 350 projects for the opening of businesses. We accompany our clients to open their establishments with the security of having their project a 100% executed, complying with the regulations, timing, and planning to start generating benefits from the first day.

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